Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Trump administration’s latest update of its President’s Management Agenda highlights several agency-specific actions since the prior update in September, as well as government-wide actions such as the grant of direct-hire authority for many STEM and cybersecurity positions.

That was one of the reported steps toward the cross-agency priority goal of developing a federal workforce for the 21st Century, along with the launch of the Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy to retrain federal employees to move into that field; and a National Science Foundation contest for the development of reskilling processes.

Among the “key milestones” in the government-wide personnel area, all were deemed on track–with several already completed–except that two have not started: “all agencies ensure first-line supervisors possess critical leadership competencies within the first year of appointment, either through selection or development” and “study the government’s competitive posture in total compensation for civilian federal employees, to include base pay, benefits, awards, and other relevant total reward elements.”

Among agency initiatives toward other cross-agency goals that were highlighted were the SBA approving more than 140,000 loans to help small businesses recover from disasters “in record time, without compromising on service” and cleanup of 861 “brownfield” hazardous sites, exceeding EPA’s target goal by 177. Government-wide initiatives included issuance of the Anti-Fraud Playbook to help agencies prevent improper payments; and increased use of category management in purchasing, which it said yielded $9.3 billion in cost avoidances in fiscal 2018 with DoD yet to report.