Federal Manager's Daily Report

The IG at the Postal Service is asking for information about how well management tends to the roof over its head, which spans some 195 million square feet across 8,300 facilities.

The Postal Service has launched the Roof Asset Management Program to reduce the number of roof replacements, prevent leaks, and to keep facilities dry, it said in a blog posting. “This included initial assessments of every Postal Service-owned building, establishing preventive maintenance schedules, and taking sustainable corrective actions to fix roofing problems,” it said.

The IG is seeking information on problems at postal facilities that have caused water to leak inside the building or resulted in other damage, what actions management has taken to reduce costs and extend the life expectancy of the roofs, and whether the preventive maintenance program is cost effective.

The Postal Service IG has issued a series of reports over the last several years pointing out problems resulting from deferred maintenance inside facilities due to lack of available funding.