Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management has scheduled a course

for managers and others who want to change and improve


their organizations for Feb 22 – Feb 27.

Given at the Western Management Development Center in Denver

“Lessons From The New Workplace: Leading Through Change and

Chaos,” is designed to help leaders develop the additional

skills needed to lead 21st century organizations. Leaders

will learn to look at the big picture and find opportunity

within ambiguity.

The course also is designed to help managers: Use the force

of chaos and change to navigate an organization through the

turbulence; understand the critical nature of relationships

and networks in the new workplace, and learn to use an

organization as a fluid system in constant flux. The

$2,600 fee includes meals, lodging, tuition and course

materials. Learn more and register at http://www.leadership.opm.gov/content.cfm?cat=LFRNW