Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Government Managers Coalition, representing organizations of federal managers and senior executives, is backing a bill (S-1887) up for a Senate vote to allow direct-hire of college graduates and students deemed qualified for a professional or administrative position at GS-11 or below on a temporary basis, with the agency free to convert them to a permanent position on their graduation.

“It is essential that we have a full range of hiring authorities to allow for the greatest range of diversity in our candidate pools. We realize different hiring authorities may favor certain candidate groups, but we support an approach that combines all available hiring authorities to optimize our collection of diverse applicants. We feel that S-1887 will help expand the options available to agencies when hiring,” a letter to senators says.

The letter noted that under the bill, a position still would have to be advertised, merit principles still would apply, and such appointments would be limited to 15 percent of the number hired into similar jobs in the prior year.

The groups added that they hope Congress “will continue to consider the necessity of adequately equipping and training the managers who are tasked with carrying out the difficult job of restructuring our federal government. In light of ongoing agency reorganization efforts, it is more important than ever to ensure federal managers making personnel decisions have available a comprehensive toolset that represents both flexibility for agencies and fairness for affected federal employees” and that the bill represents one such tool.