Federal Manager's Daily Report

Management Program for Creating Breakthroughs and Innovating

The Office of Personnel Management has scheduled a workshop for Feb 25 – Feb 27, for GS-15s, SES members, and their equivalents interested in developing Executive Core Qualifications related to information technology (both individuals and teams are welcome).

Given at the Federal Executive Institute, “Creating Breakthroughs: Innovating in Government; Unleashing Creativity to Improve Your Organization’s Performance,” teaches a step-by-step process called Creative Problem Solving. This and other methods have been used consistently in the real world to plan strategically, develop new products, clarify vision and mission, and dramatically reduce costs.

The $1,935 fee includes meals, lodging, tuition and course materials (Note: Participation in teams of five or more is $1,550). Learn more and register at: http://www.leadership.opm.gov/content.cfm?CAT=CB-IG