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The DoD bill often is used in that way as a vehicle because it is considered an annual “must-pass” measure. Image: Ivan Cholakov/Shutterstock.com

The Senate has added a package of amendments, some of them reflecting management-related bills that have made some progress in Congress, to its version of the annual DoD authorization bill (S-4543) ready for voting after the elections.

The DoD bill often is used in that way as a vehicle because it is considered an annual “must-pass” measure that typically is enacted with strong bipartisan support even though many of the individual provisions might not have passed a separate bills. The Senate last week added to the bill language based on:

* S-4128, to require the GAO to produce an annual report listing unimplemented matters for congressional consideration and identify actions Congress can take to help agencies implement the GAO’s open recommendations.

* S-2838, to require agencies to submit to the GPO all congressionally-mandated reports, after each agency first redacts information that would not be publicly disclosable under the Freedom of Information Act.

* S-4000, to increase sharing of cybersecurity and counterintelligence information between agencies and Congress.

* S-4488, to establish an interagency committee to assess the adequacy of agency continuity of operations planning for high-consequence events regardless of their probability.

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