Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has approved several management-related bills including two that already have passed the full House: HR-1079, to require OMB to issue a policy creating electronic consent forms for use by congressional offices when contacting agencies for information related to inquiries from members of the public that require the individual’s consent to release; and HR-1654 to make the Federal Register more readily accessible online while ending a requirement that agencies send paper copies of documents they publish in it.

Also approved were: S-1275, to set new requirements and standards for agencies to collect and report on customer service feedback; S-1333, to give agencies better access to SSA death records for purposes of reducing improper payments; S-1388, to increase counterintelligence training to mitigate supply chain risk; S-1430, to add protections against fraud by representative payees in federal benefits programs; and S-1434, to prohibit the use of reverse auctions for design and construction services procurements


Meanwhile, the House has passed HR-2066, to create an internal rotation program at DHS for analysts and others in intelligence positions.