Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Katherine Welles/Shutterstock.com

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has approved and sent to the Senate floor:

S-522, to require each agency to provide a 100-word plain language summary of any proposed rule.


S-572, to require agencies to publish easily understandable justifications for their budget requests on a single, central website as well as on their own sites.

S-583, to require DHS to share with other agencies best practices in contracting with small businesses developed by its procurement innovation lab.

S-636, to require the OMB to submit to Congress an annual report on projects that are over budget and behind schedule.

S-664, to require the GAO to review legislation for potential risks of duplication or overlap with existing federal programs, offices, and initiatives.

S-671, to set standards including privacy protections for agency solicitations of customer feedback on their experiences dealing with the agency.

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