Federal Manager's Daily Report

A coalition of groups representing federal managers and executives has asked the Trump administration to establish an emergency leave transfer program related to covid-19 of the sort that most commonly is established after natural disasters such as hurricanes.

The Government Managers Coalition in a letter to OPM notes that the pandemic has been declared a disaster for purposes of the same laws in which such programs commonly are invoked such as the Stafford Act. An emergency leave transfer program in this case “would empower agencies with a tool they may employ to benefit their dedicated employees who have worked so hard for taxpayers during this entire pandemic,” it said.

“Due to the ongoing management challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents for our workforce, the GMC believes the federal government would benefit from the establishment of an ELTP, both as a management tool and as a means by which to support our workforce. An ELTP would be a novel solution, especially for employees with caregiving responsibilities affected by school and daycare closures,” it said.

Under such a program, an employee may donate annual leave for transfer to employees of his or her agency or to employees of other agencies who are adversely affected by the disaster or emergency. Each agency is responsible for determining whether, and how much, donated annual leave is needed by affected employees; approving leave donors and/or leave recipients within the agency; and facilitating the distribution of donated annual leave from approved leave donors to approved leave recipients within the agency.

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