Federal Manager's Daily Report

A survey of managers and supervisors at the Commerce Department found that they understand the performance improvement and disciplinary processes but find them too time-consuming the department has said.

An official made those comments at a recent Senate hearing on the federal hiring process that also touched on another main federal personnel topic, disciplinary actions. On both, arguments are commonly made that the authorities already in place are sufficient but are not well enough understood and thus not used as effectively as they could be. The Commerce poll of some 700 managers and supervisors–to which about a third responded–did not find that to be the case, however.


“We found an understanding of the performance management process; managers and supervisors know the difference between performance and conduct issues; understand the criteria for the performance improvement process and understand the rules around the probationary process,” the official said. “DoC also found that managers and supervisors felt the process for implementing a PIP or a conduct based action took too much of their time.”

However, respondents did request more training on motivating staff through the performance management process, and on the development of effective performance plans and reviews, he said.