Federal Manager's Daily Report

DHS and its components “have encountered notable difficulties related to long hire times, proper allocation of staff, and the supply of human resources” that also will hamper the planned hiring surge at CBP and ICE, an IG report has said.

The Trump administration has announced plans to add about 15,000 agents and officers total at the two sub-agencies but “neither CBP nor ICE could provide complete data to support the operational need or deployment strategies” for the planned hiring, the report added.

It said that that the two agencies should use a comprehensive workforce staffing model to identify the number and type of employees required and positions that must be filled, how to target recruitment campaigns, and where to deploy employees for greatest impact. “Conversely, inadequate workforce planning will likely undermine the ability of CBP and ICE to achieve hiring mandates and perform mission essential duties and functions,” said the report.

The IG also noted prior reports by itself and GAO finding that shortages of HR personnel and fragmented, duplicative and paper-based hiring processes have contributed to lengthy hiring times and difficulty filling law enforcement positions at the department.

“Without enough sufficiently trained HR staff and comprehensive recruiting strategies to attract qualified candidates, even the best workforce staffing plans cannot be completed,” it said.