Federal Manager's Daily Report

The annual DoD authorization bill (HR-2500) passed by the House Armed Services Committee seeks further changes in the department’s acquisition workforce, the subject of a series of policy changes in recent years designed to improve the department’s procurement. The provisions would:

* Revise the certification process to emphasize professional skills that are transferable across the workforce and industry, including discretion to use third-party accredited, nationally or internationally recognized standards
* End the requirement for contracting officers to have completed at least 24 semester credit hours or the equivalent of study from an accredited institution, giving the department the flexibility to establish the specific educational requirements that should be applied to a particular workforce career field.

* Institutionalize career paths for all acquisition workforce career fields including attributes such as key work experience and technical and nontechnical competencies.

* Create a new two-way exchange program between the Defense acquisition workforce and private sector companies.