Federal Manager's Daily Report

Federal agencies need to take a “more consistent approach” to management and disposal of excess equipment and other items, says a Senate report on a bill (S-3031) that recently cleared its Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The bill, now ready for a floor vote, would require the GSA to “develop standards for agencies to inventory and capitalize assets under their control and through that process identify capitalized assets that are no longer necessary. This methodology adheres more closely to private sector practice and allows for a prioritization of more valuable assets that are excess to the agency’s needs,” it says.


The measure is a response to a GAO report earlier this year finding that despite existing law and GSA guidance, agencies lack policies and processes for identifying excess technology, furniture, equipment, motor vehicles and other similar items. GAO found that agencies typically only declare such property excess when there is a triggering event, such as office moves or space reductions, rather than continuously identifying surplus items that could be sold or used by another agency.

The report also found that agencies vary significantly in how they classify such property, making it difficult to understand the value of the government’s inventory.