Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Biden has made two more nominations for positions important to the federal workplace, for inspector general at OPM and for the fifth of the seats on the TSP board, and meanwhile a hearing has been set for Wednesday (September 22) on nominations for the MSPB board.

The confirmation hearing in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will involve all three nominees for the board, which has lacked a quorum since January 2017. A backlog of more than 3,400 appeals of hearing officer decisions issued in that time is pending at the board.


For the OPM IG position, Biden named Krista Boyd, a senior staff member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee with long experience on Capitol Hill in federal workplace matters. The White House said her work has focused on “issues related to government spending, transparency, and accountability. She has led numerous investigations focused on rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse of government resources, including a bipartisan investigation that led a government contractor to repay the Pentagon over $16 million.”

She also “leads committee efforts to ensure government watchdogs such as Inspectors General and the Government Accountability Office have adequate authority and access to information.”

That position has been filled only on an acting basis since the former IG, Patrick McFarland, retired five years ago. In the time immediately preceding that, he had raised numerous red flags about the state of OPM’s information security—warnings that proved prescient when databases were hacked that contained records on current and former federal employees and millions of others on whom the government had performed background checks dating back many years.

Biden also nominated Dana Bilyeu for another term on the TSP board; she is the executive director of an organization of statewide pension plans and has been serving on an extension at the TSP board following expiration of her term. Biden now has made nominations for all five members—one seat is vacant and the three members besides Bilyeu also are serving on extensions.

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