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Eighteen of the 24 Cabinet departments and large independent agencies held steady in the latest assessment of Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act compliance, although one of the four agencies showing an increase, the GSA, received an A+ score.

That was the only agency to achieve that score in the latest of the twice-yearly rankings by the House government operations subcommittee. Interior, State and SSA also rose, to B+, C and B+, respectively, while Justice and VA fell, to D- and C+. Justice was the only agency graded below a C-.


Of the initiatives graded, the highest ratings overall were for data center optimization, with 18 receiving an A but Justice notably receiving an F. Grades were overall lowest for Federal Information Security Management Act compliance, with only GSA and NSF receiving As and most other grades being Cs or Ds.

During the hearing at which the grades were announced, areas of focus included improvements in cybersecurity practices and applying the benefits of IT modernization that occurred in response to the pandemic.

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