Federal Manager's Daily Report

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The inspector general’s office at the FDIC has added the agency’s move to a long-run hybrid onsite/offsite work environment to its assessment of top personnel challenges, along with previous challenges including the agency’s notably high percentages of employees who already are eligible to retire or who soon will be.

“Workforce planning is especially important as the FDIC shifts towards a hybrid work model that includes the potential for a significant increase in employees working remotely,” the report said, noting that the agency and the NTEU union recently reached an agreement that provides for increased telework.


“New and enhanced skillsets may be required for this transition” which will stress the need for “employee traits such as adaptability, resiliency, self motivation, communication and collaboration have become critical for successful remote work,” it said.

Replacing upcoming losses to retirements was again listed, with the IG noting that 25 percent of FDIC employees currently are eligible, compared with 15 percent government-wide. The percentage is above 40 in the division of resolutions and receiverships, the division of finance and the legal division.

Further, 39 percent of all employees will be retirement-eligible within five years; that figure is above 50 percent in those three divisions and 60 percent for managers and executives.

“Absent seasoned professionals from these divisions with knowledge of lessons learned from past crises, the FDIC may not be sufficiently agile in executing resolution and receivership activities in future crises,” it said.

Other challenges it listed included measuring whether efforts to reduce turnover are effective and promoting diversity and inclusiveness in a workforce with percentages of minorities below the government-wide averages.

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