Data dashboards to support human capital decisions need not contain every possible data point but should focus on information relevant to changes, trends and areas of concern, MSPB has said.

It cited a recently completed process at GSA to develop workforce dashboards for key metrics in recruitment and hiring, employee development, employee performance, leader performance, and succession planning. Key lessons learned included:

* Involve stakeholders so that the dashboards emphasize the human capital metrics that matter most to them, including information they wish they had had when making past decisions..

* Keep dashboards up-to-date, easy to read, and widely available to support discussions that lead to decisions.

* Recognize that as users get more accustomed to using the dashboards they will want to drill down for more detail.

GSA is finding that its dashboard is helping with strategic workforce planning and is providing insights, the MSPB said in a publication. For example, it found that hiring restrictions caused an upward shift in the average grade of its employees—and this average salary—and eroded the share of younger people in its workforce. In response, it said, GSA has committed to focus on entry-level hiring.