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The National Academy of Public Administration has produced a list of key principles for the Agile Government Center, which is to “serve as the hub of a network that will bring together governments, nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions and private sector partners to assist in developing and disseminating agile government principles and case studies of agile policies and programs.”

“It is critical that we develop a reform agenda to make governments at all levels more agile in the face of rapid change. Success will require a new mindset in government and new organizational models, but agile government can be a new tide that lifts governmental ships around the world,” said NAPA, which is partnering with the IBM Center for the Business of Government on the project.


Key principles are (in its words):

• Mission: Should be extremely clear, and the organizational unit laser focused on achieving it.
• Metrics for Success: Should be widely agreed upon, evidence-based, and easily tracked.
• Customer-Driven Behavior: Should include frequent interaction with program beneficiaries, and be ingrained in the culture.
• Speed: Should be encouraged and facilitated through co-location where possible.
• Empowered, Highly Skilled, Cross Functional Teams: Should engage in continual face-to-face communication should replace siloed bureaucratic systems.
• Innovation: Should be rewarded—within the overall framework of existing rules and regulations — and changes in rules and regulations should be proposed where necessary.
• Persistence: Should feature continuous experimentation, evaluation, and improvement in order to learn from both success and failure.
• Evidence-Based Solutions: Should be the gold standard for creating program options.
• Organizational Leaders: Should eliminate roadblocks, aggregate and assume risk, and empower teams to make decisions.
• Diversity of Thought: Should be encouraged.

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