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Congress and the Office of Personnel Management have been

pushing agencies to make greater use of telecommuting for


their employees, but only 5 percent of employees telework

even part-time, according to the most recent OPM report.

That has translated into pressure on some managers–whose

resistance commonly is identified as one of the major

barriers to more use of telecommuting–to improve their


A recent internal Navy document, though, puts the figure

there much higher than the average: 23 percent. The reason

is that the Navy counts both ongoing telework arrangements

and “situational telework,” which it defines as

telecommuting on an “occasional, non-routine basis.”

Says the document: “This type of telework can occur when

large projects with tight deadlines are complicated by

unavoidable office distractions. Under such circumstances

it may be easier and more efficient for your employees to

work at home.”

And don’t forget to count such employees when it’s time

to tally up how many employees in a unit telework, it

advises. “Often managers and supervisors forget to count

situational telework because it happens on such an

infrequent basis,” it says.


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