Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a policy decision that could be followed in other

agencies, the Navy has developed Web-based tracking systems


for managing equal employment opportunity complaints and

affirmative employment programs.

Managers have long complained that even though they are

held responsible for agency compliance in those areas,

they lack the information they need to see how they are

doing and what changes should be made.


The Navy’s EEO complaints management system is designed

to show the current status of actions, track training

requirements, allow for reports on trends and timelines

and make use of a streamlined EEO process. The affirmative

employment program system is designed to analyze and

prepare plans and monitor accomplishments, including


providing information to line managers, monitoring

accountability for action items, manage corporate

strategies and communicate initiatives to the work force.

However, deployment of that system is being delayed until

into 2004 to incorporate changes required by a recent

management directive from the Equal Employment Opportunity