Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Navy CIO’s office has commissioned the Center for Naval Analyses to conduct a workforce study on integrating an artificial intelligence-based workforce with a workforce of people.

“The goal of this specific task is to identify and understand sources of potential resistance, and to make recommendations on how best to prepare the human workforce to accept and assimilate artificial workers in order to smooth such a transition as much as possible,” a posting says.


The posting says that rapid advances in AI will enable artificial workers in the digital workplace and that within a decade, “most of us could be working alongside an artificial worker.”

“The chatbot, which just recently rose to popularity for customer support near the end of this decade, will be nearly indistinguishable from human support by the end of the next decade . . . artificial apprentices will learn from their highly skilled human counterparts and eventually perform online tasks such as filing paperwork and formatting presentations.”

Growth in AI-performed work will free humans to “focus on more challenging aspects of their job that require intuition and creativity,” it says, but introducing such a change into the workplace “is fraught with challenges. History has shown time and again that ignorance, prejudice, and fear combine to create resistance. And history will repeat itself when artificial workers begin to integrate into the human workforce unless we prepare and anticipate these challenges.”