Federal Manager's Daily Report

Bremerton, WA - Jan 2013: Civilian electro optical technicians, Amber Siva, left, and Leigha Campbell, troubleshoot a periscope at the Northwest Optical Regional Repair Center (NORRC). NORRC is part of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility - its primary role is repairing periscope systems in the Pacific Northwest and Submarine Squadron 11, based out of San Diego. (U.S. Navy photo by Engineman 1st Class Terence Lewis/Released)

The Navy has issued a 10-year strategy for its 220,000 civilian employees focusing on responding to trends ranging from technological change, big data and artificial intelligence on the technical side to changes in the nature of work and changes related to a new generation in the workforce on the people side.

The plan’s “anchor” initiatives are:


* Assess and curate best in class talent: refresh the employment brand; proactively access top talent; and curate exceptional employee experiences.

* Develop skills for the future: identify skills needed for the future civilian workforce; rethink jobs intentionally; and develop modern learner experiences focused on building future skills.

* Harness the power of data: establish a data driven foundation for workforce planning; and expand people analytics for decision-making.

* Strengthen the bench of future talent: assess the current talent pipeline; refresh the succession planning process; and enhance leadership learning and development.

* Enable a technology augmented workforce: augment work with technology; train a digital workforce; and enhance a digital experience for the HR.

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