Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Navy has issued a notice to its civilian and military personnel calling attention to its policies on wearable technology in places where classified information is processed, transmitted, stored, or discussed.

A directive (ALNAV 019/16) issued in March addresses several types of personal portable electronic devices, with a focus on devices such as fitness, glucose and heart monitors. The directive says that such devices “offer a wide range of personal, professional, and health benefits. However, these devices may pose security risks to DON information and information systems.”

Among other provisions of the directive, such devices are permitted only if they meet certain transmitting and receiving standards, are password-protected and have up to date anti-virus software where pertinent, and do not have photographic, video or audio recording capabilities or removable media. They further may not be connected to any government information system, directly or indirectly.

Commanders are free to set more restrictive policies.

Non-Navy personnel are prohibited from introducing such devices into Navy spaces.