Federal Manager's Daily Report

Of employees and supervisors at the Consumer Product Safety Commission surveyed about their experience during maximum telework “nearly everyone agreed that they were either as productive or more productive,” the IG there has said.

The report is one of the first adding data to the commonly reported anecdotal evidence that increased telework has led to increased productivity, a consideration as agencies consider the extent to which they will use telework in their post-pandemic operations.


“There has been a shift in attitudes in favor of the CPSC providing more telework opportunities in the future. This appears to have been driven by employees and supervisors gaining experience with telework and seeing few, if any, drawbacks,” said the report, based on survey responses of some 300 employees.

Among 272 non-supervisory employees, 135 said they were more productive, 111 said their productivity was about the same and only 26 said they were less productive. Of that 26, half normally work in laboratory or field settings, the report noted.

Among 34 supervisors, 12 said their subordinates are more productive, 11 said productivity is about the same and the rest said it was a mix of the two; none said their subordinates are less productive.

Employees also overall reported feeling that they are getting the right amount of information from management and expressed positive views on IT support—two issues important to effective telework. Ratings for the amount and frequency of information from top management were around 90 percent positive, although that fell to around 70 percent regarding information from HR. And while majorities said the timeliness and quality of IT support was about the same, far more said it had improved compared with those who said it had gotten worse.

Further, employees have become “experienced in using videoconferencing platforms to collaborate between and within offices,” it said.

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