Federal Manager's Daily Report

Students in cybersecurity related fields would be offered loan assistance and a two-year position with a federal agency.

A new partnership among agencies, corporations and the Partnership for Public Service seeks to build the talent pool available to the government in high-demand cybersecurity specialties.

Under the program, selected students in undergraduate or graduate degree programs in a cybersecurity-related field will be offered student loan assistance and a two-year position with a federal agency. Initial participating agencies include CIA, Defense, Energy, HHS, VA, EPA, FBI, FEC, NOAA, Naval Intelligence and SBA.


The Partnership will conduct the initial screening of applicants and make referrals to agencies, which will conduct their own assessments and may make job offers contingent on completing the degree program and attaining a security clearance. Participants will receive standard pay and benefits for the position as well as professional development and leadership training.

Near the end of their time with the agency, participants will be invited to apply for a full-time position at one of the private sector partners, which include MasterCard, Microsoft and Workday, or their agency may offer them permanent employment.

Application and other information is at https://www.cybertalentinitiative.org.