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President Biden has signed into law (P.L. 117-149) a bill recently cleared by Congress to boost career development opportunities for federal employees involved with cybersecurity by creating a rotational program allowing them to serve in other agencies.

Sponsors said the program “provides opportunities to help attract and retain cybersecurity experts in the federal government by offering civilian employees opportunities to enhance their careers, broaden their professional experience, and foster collaborative networks by experiencing and contributing to the cybersecurity mission beyond their home agencies.”


Also signed into law were two other bills recently approved:

* P.L. 117-145 requires GSA to create a supply chain security training program for federal officials with supply chain risk management responsibilities and requires OMB to develop guidance for federal agencies to adopt and use the training program and how to select officials to participate in the training.

* P.117-150 requires the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to provide state and local actors with access to improved security tools, policies and procedures, while also encouraging collaboration such as joint cybersecurity exercises.

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