Federal Manager's Daily Report

An OPM document in support of the administration’s budget proposal says the agency will address a concern that hiring managers “are often challenged by the details of developing an assessment strategy” for job candidates.

“Research has demonstrated that accurate and effective assessments are instrumental in helping hiring managers identify the best candidates for a position,” OPM said, adding that it “will engage agency leaders, hiring managers and the human resources community through interviews, focus groups and round table discussions to identify best practices for designing agency assessment strategies to improve the quality of hires and to meet organizational goals.


“These discussions will focus on assessment strategies for identifying talent government-wide, the use of more effective assessment tools to identify highly qualified applicants, and improving the definitions of specialized experience to screen applicants more effectively and differentiate between highly qualified candidates versus those who are minimally qualified,” it said.

OPM also said it plans to expand the number of vacancy announcements using the USA Hire online assessment system; and to replace what it called the “outdated” Administrative Careers with America written tests with more current USA Hire assessments.