Federal Manager's Daily Report

The office of the Director of National Intelligence has issued guidance for agencies to take next steps on insider threat programs beyond the initial standards set in 2012.

Those standards serve as the foundation of the new guidance, called the Insider Threat Program Maturity Framework, which is designed to make agency programs “to become more proactive, comprehensive, and better postured to deter, detect, and mitigate insider threat risk,” according to an announcement.

“The Framework identifies key elements within the existing minimum standards construct that, when enhanced, enable departments and agencies to increase program functionality and garner greater benefits from insider threat program resources, procedures, and processes. Each element within the Framework has been identified as a capability or attribute exhibited by an advanced insider threat program,” it said.

The guidance, developed through the federal insider threat community in the intelligence community, FBI, DoD and other agencies, is available on DNI.gov. The site also has a best practices document, information about available training and other resources.