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The White House has announced additional steps under its “buy clean” initiatives that among other things intends to steer more of the government’s procurement spending toward materials made through low-carbon manufacturing.

A new interagency Buy Clean Task Force created under an executive order of last December on sustainability “will promote use of construction materials with lower embodied emissions and pollutants across their lifecycle—including each stage of the manufacturing process,” according to a fact sheet.


That group—including Defense, Energy, Transportation, EPA, GSA and OMB—is to develop recommendations for identifying materials as well as pollutants to prioritize for consideration in federal procurement and federally funded projects; increasing the transparency of embodied emissions; and launching pilot programs to boost federal procurement of clean construction materials.

The announcement cited steps including GSA’s requests for information on carbon-free energy supplies for federal facilities and on low-carbon materials for use in federal construction projects; and support by Transportation for such materials in federal transportation projects.

Also, the Council on Environmental Quality has issued new guidance to agencies on spending for carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration technology, as provided under the recently enacted infrastructure law.

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