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The National Nuclear Security Administration, an agency

in the Department of Energy that maintains the nuclear


arsenal and provides nuclear propulsion to the Navy, among

other things, has developed a plan to recruit and retain

officials with the technical, engineering and physical

sciences expertise to oversee and safeguard security

operations in the nuclear weapons complex, something that

could be used as a model to transform the entire DoE

safeguards and security community, NNSA has announced.

It said the plan is to develop a human capital management

program that improves the training, qualifications and

stature of the NNSA security workforce, engages national

markets to hire top security professionals, institutes a

long-term staff rotation practice, determines how to speed

up the security force clearance process, and improves

information flow.

The objective is to develop a quality team as quickly as

possible and to institutionalize the HR program permanently,

said NNSA.

It said that right away it will to develop a safeguards and

security internship program, begin aggressively recruiting

and establishing contacts with security societies, and

update an earlier analysis to compare current personnel

capabilities with skills and abilities identified by NNSA

facilities as essential.

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