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Nominations are due Jan 31, 2023, and are submitted by agencies. Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock.com

Nominations are open for the annual Arthur S. Flemming Awards, a top honor for early-career (between three and 15 years of service) federal employees in the categories of applied science and engineering, basic science, leadership and management, legal achievement, and social science.

The awards are sponsored by the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission, named for a federal official who served in senior positions from the Eisenhower to Clinton administrations, in partnership with the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration and the National Academy of Public Administration.

Nominations are due Jan 31, 2023, and are submitted by agencies.

More information is at https://tspppa.gwu.edu/arthur-s-flemming-awards:

The George Washington University and the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission present a total of 12 awards annually in five categories:

Leadership and/or Management
Legal Achievement
Social Science, Clinical Trials and Translational Research
Applied Science and Engineering
Basic Science

Agencies are encouraged to nominate outstanding public servants with three to 15 years of experience in the federal government.

Each year, a GW Trachtenberg School student coordinates the Flemming Awards. For any questions about the nomination process, please contact flemmingawards@gwu.edu.

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