Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Trump has made new nominations for several key positions related to federal employment, nominations that had expired Sunday at the end of the prior Congress.

It’s unclear whether the Senate in the new Congress will act on those nominations, however, given that they were not confirmed despite having been pending for a number of months in all cases and more than a year in several.


Trump repeated his nominations for all three seats on the TSP governing board that are within a president’s authority to nominate—leaders of Congress nominate the other two. All of those seats are being held on carryover status by incumbents whose terms have expired; Trump made his initial nominations last summer after the TSP was about to finalize a plan previously approved by the board to expand the international stock I fund to markets of more countries, including China.

Trump also renominated Dennis Kirk, currently associate OPM director for employee services, to chair the MSPB but did not make new nominations the other two seats on that board, which has lacked a quorum for four years. Trump further did not repeat the prior nominations for OPM director or general counsel of the FLRA, a key position in labor-management relations.

All had cleared the Senate committee level—except for the nomination of HUD official John Gibbs to be OPM director, for whom a committee vote was put off after a contentious confirmation hearing last fall—but floor votes reportedly were held up due to objections of some Senate Democrats.

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