Federal Manager's Daily Report

The NTEU union has said that in complying with the OMB memo to produce agency reform plans, agencies should concentrate on personnel issues including encouraging telework, filling existing vacancies and reducing management layers.

In testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, NTEU president Tony Reardon also said the union has been frustrated by lack of cooperation from agencies as it has sought to provide its input into the drafting of those plans, final versions of which are due to OMB at the end of the month.

Among his suggestions were that agencies drop requirements that teleworking employees physically report to the workplace a certain number of times per pay period if the employee does not have a work-related need to be there, and increasing telework in general to allow reductions in office space, improve retention and reduce spending on transit subsidies.

He also suggested reducing the number of supervisory and managerial positions and shifting the resources to front-line positions; hiring additional support staff to relieve the burden of administrative matters for allow in positions involving complex work such as ALJs; filling existing vacancies with internal promotions, especially in agencies with backlogs such as the SSA; and bringing in-house some work currently being done by contractors while maintaining the existing ban against starting new contracting-out studies.