Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Hispanic Council on Federal Employment, an Obama administration creation, has scheduled a meeting for April 4, potentially a signal that the Trump administration will continue at least some of the workplace initiatives launched by its predecessor.

The council consists of representatives from Hispanic organizations and senior government officials that advises OPM on the recruitment, hiring, and advancement of Hispanics in the federal workforce.

Hispanics for many years have been the only minority group substantially under-represented, in comparison with their share of the overall American workforce. The gap is especially wide at senior levels.

Hispanic representation in the federal workforce has increased in recent years although only roughly at the rate of increase in the overall workforce. The Bush administration also had an initiative on employment of Hispanics, although it did not involve a formal council.

The council was one of the Obama administration’s numerous initiatives on diversity, inclusiveness and employee engagement, and before leaving office officials urged that they be continued. Another Obama-created council, on labor-management relations, is two months overdue to meet and no meeting has been scheduled.