Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Government Ethics has asked agencies to report by December 6 on their practices related to providing ethics advice to employees, using questions that by design “are open-ended to allow agencies maximum flexibility to identify and describe the practices that are most successful for them.”

“One of the critical responsibilities of ethics officials is to advise current and former employees regarding government ethics laws and regulations. The provision of prospective advice supports the mission of the ethics program, which is to prevent conflicts of interest,” an OGE notice to agencies says.


“The results of this data call will provide OGE insight into each agency’s implementation of this key element of their ethics program. OGE will use the results to tailor the support it provides to agencies. OGE will also share the results with executive branch ethics officials so they can learn from other practitioners,” it says.

The data call follows OGE’s decision last year to have separate reporting on agency practices and on compliance data. OGE separately said that it will begin collecting compliance data in January for calendar year 2019.