Federal Manager's Daily Report

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The Office of Government Ethics says its employees gave the agency high grades overall in the 2020 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, including a 100 percent positive response to the question asking whether they know how their work relates to the mission of the agency.

Ratings further were 98 positive on whether employees cooperate to get the job done, 96 percent positive on whether employees are protected from health and safety hazards on the job, and 94 percent positive on whether their work unit has the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish organizational goals, according to an OGE summary. In each case, the remainder were neutral as opposed to negative.


OGE has fewer than 100 employees, of whom three-fourths responded to the survey, well above the government-wide rates reported in prior surveys. Its summary is among the early reports emerging from individual agencies that have received their results even as OPM has not released government-wide results of the survey, which was conducted last fall after a several-month delay due to the pandemic.

OGE also said that it achieved a score of 88 percent on the “employee engagement index” which combines measures of employee satisfaction with leadership and the work experience. In contrast, the government-wide score in the 2019 survey was 68 percent.

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