Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Government Ethics has issued a reminder of the deadlines to submit publicly available financial disclosure reports covering 2016–reports that many career federal employees must file, along with political appointees.

Those reports are due to employing agencies on or before May 15 unless an extension–which can be 45 or 90 days–is granted.

Agencies generally are to complete their reviews and certification within 60 days of receipt and are to send their collated reports to the OGE by October 12. That agency in turn is to issue its own reports, including naming any filers whose discloures are at issue, by January 12.

Most employees who file these “Form 278” reports do so electronically, although some still use hard copy versions.

The separate “Form 450” confidential financial disclosure reports, filed by a larger number of employees, were due February 15, although extensions for those also are possible.