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The Office of Government Ethics has said it out-scored the government-wide figures in the key indicators in this year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, including an employee engagement score of 84 compared with the overall score of 71.

The OGE, with fewer than 100 employees, reported higher positive scores on all three of the factors that make up the engagement score on views of senior leadership, 80 vs. 60; immediate supervisors, 91 vs. 80; and the overall work experience, 83 vs. 73.


It added that more than 90 percent responded positively that their supervisors treat them with respect; show concern for employees’ health and safety; support employees’ efforts to stay healthy and safe while working; create an environment where the employee can voice their concerns about staying healthy and safe; held employees accountable for achieving results; and are committed to a workforce representative of all segments of society.

The OGE is one of the first, if not the first, federal agency to issue detailed results of the annual survey that was conducted in mid-year.

The OPM has released only raw numbers on a government-wide basis, which did not include the usual analysis of changes from the prior year—both the engagement and the employee satisfaction scores declined slightly—or breakdowns by demographics or agency. OPM has indicated that a fuller report is still to come.

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