Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Management and Budget given the five 2003

Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy

Management to teams from the Department of Defense,

Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Postal Service,

for conserving 1.3 trillion Btus, or as much energy

typically consumed by 13,000 homes annually, OMB has


Energy management teams from the Army, Navy and Air

Force, the Department of Health and Human Services

Federal Drug Administration, and USPS (Pacific area),

also were recognized, OMB said.

The awards:

Outstanding Performance: Department of Defense, Naval

Facilities Engineering Command, Washington, DC

Implementation: U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services, Food and Drug – Administration, Jefferson

Laboratories Division of Facilities Engineering Arkansas

Institutionalization: United States Postal Service,

Pacific Area Energy Management Program California,

Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands

Outreach: Department of Defense, Department of the

Army, 7th Infantry Division Fort Carson, Colorado

Results: Department of Defense, Dyess Air Force Base,

7th Engineer and 7th Contracting Squadrons Texas

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