Federal Manager's Daily Report

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OMB has called on agencies to limit any travel unless deemed mission-critical – leaving it up to the heads of executive departments to make that determination.

When evaluating whether or not travel is mission-critical, agency heads should consider such factors as whether:


-the purpose of travel is to perform essential duties related to the protection of life and property;

-the travel is required by statute or contract;

-the travel is for systems or equipment inspections if those systems or equipment are integral to security, safety, or proper functioning of the mission;

-the travel is to meetings or trainings required by a grant or to maintain grant funding;

-the travel is for training to meet certification or licensing requirements or to maintain critical functional or occupational competencies; or

-the travel is for activities essential to national security.

The memo says not to travel if the meeting can be accomplished by phone or teleconference and postpone professional development if at all possible.


Consideration should also be given to any health and safety guidance from local authorities and the CDC, as well as the health status of the individual traveling and risk profile for complications from COVID-19.

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