Federal Manager's Daily Report

In an “exit memo” summarizing its activities during the Obama administration, OMB credited the administration’s management agenda with achieving nearly $4.7 billion in IT savings, saving more than $2 billion in federal contracting, and decreasing the real estate footprint by 25 million square feet.

It cited emphasis on issues including managing IT and strengthening cybersecurity; updating Circular A-130 guidance for government-wide IT management, security and privacy; closing of more than 1,900 data centers for a saving of nearly $1 billion; increased use of personal identity verification cards for access to federal networks and data; establishment of the Federal Privacy Council; and launch of the U.S. Digital Service to apply updated technology and best practices to public-facing digital services.

“USDS has helped to create a pipeline for top technology talent from the private sector to participate in tours of duty with the federal government and partner with top civil servants to modernize some of our most critical public services and ensure a lasting culture of innovation that will serve the American people for years to come. More than 200 engineers, designers, data scientists, and product managers have answered the President’s call and signed on for a tour of duty with USDS,” it said.

The memo also cited, among other initiatives, the category management approach to better leveraging the government’s purchasing power as saving more than $2 billion so far and reducing prices on some items by as much as half; and the “freeze the footprint” initiative to stop the growth of the government’s real estate holdings and to dispose of excess or underutilized properties.