OMB has issued a memo and guidance rescinding or scaling back prior OMB memos and guidance on a range of topics, some of them dating back two decades.

“Too often, burdensome tasks have piled up without consideration of whether the requirements collectively make sense. In many cases, agencies are asked to spend more time and resources complying with low-value activities versus allocating taxpayer dollars to meet their core agency mission,” memo M-17-26 says.

Many of the prior directives being eliminated involved IT procurement and management policies that OMB said have been overtaken by developments including enactment of the Federal Information Security Modernization Act, the Federal Information Security Management Act, the Government Information Security Reform Act, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, or by other requirements such as the quarterly OMB integrated data collection.

Even more outdated, it said, were a series of policies on planning for potential IT disruption in advance of the year 2000 which nonetheless have remained on the books for 17 years afterward.

Among directives being scaled back are several involving financial management, including reporting requirements on conference spending that have been superseded by annual appropriations bill language and certain reports on grants and accelerated payments to small business contractors. Also being scaled back are several directives imposing various reporting requirements on procurement.

Still others are being paused temporarily to allow agencies to concentrate on other priorities.