Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has issued Memo M-21-24 describing expedited regulatory review under the American Rescue Plan law, which “requires departments and agencies to quickly issue or revise many regulations and guidance on an expedited basis.”

“Effective review and interagency coordination are key to ensuring the unprecedented government-wide response is effective in meeting the needs of the American public,” OMB said, adding that procedures to be used by its Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs will be similar to those previously developed for other purposes related to the pandemic.


The memo further reminds agencies that “any information collections subject to the Paperwork Reduction Act must undergo OMB review prior to use” and emphasizes that “coordination within your agencies for these fast-moving policy documents is essential.”

Separately, in Memo M-21-23, OMB revoked memo M-21-01 that had required agencies to submit plans for carrying out changes to regulations under the National Environmental Policy Act ordered during the Trump administration.

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