Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB plan offers a common set of data principles and best practices in implementing data innovations.

OMB has issued the long-awaited federal data strategy plan as a “framework of operational principles and best practices that help agencies deliver on the promise of data,” adding that the government “must address consistency in skills, interoperability, and best practices in how agencies use and manage data.”

Memo M-19-18 says the strategy will enable agencies and government as an enterprise “to use and manage federal data to serve the American people, including the critical twin goals of getting optimal value from our data assets and of protecting security, privacy, and confidentiality. It provides a common set of data principles and best practices in implementing data innovations that drive more value for the public.”


The stated principles fall into the general categories of ethical governance, conscious design, and learning culture. They include concepts from existing frameworks, such as protecting personally identifiable information, managing information as an asset, carrying out fundamental responsibilities of a federal statistical agency, and building federal evidence.

The stated practices guide agencies in leveraging the value of data by building a culture that values data and promotes public use; governing, managing, and protecting data; and promoting efficient and appropriate data use.

Agencies are to adhere to annual government-wide action plans, which will “identify and prioritize practice-related steps for a given year, along with target timeframes and responsible entities. This approach allows for continuous innovation with focused, measured progress, along with opportunities to improve and adapt plans for future actions. In addition to action plans, OMB may assess agency progress in implementing the strategy through any of its existing oversight and coordination mechanisms,” the memo says.

OMB is accepting comments from agencies until July 5 at strategy.data.gov.