Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has sent a memo to the general counsels of federal agencies “to ensure that your agency is aware of the government-wide general provisions” in the recently enacted wrapup budget measure which provides funding through the remainder of the current fiscal year.

“Agencies must have the necessary policies and procedures in place to comply with and enforce these requirements,” it said, calling attention in particular to policies on illegal drug use, limitations on the use of funds for office renovations, and limitations on the purchase of passenger motor vehicles.

The measure also contains numerous other provisions that have been in the general government appropriations measures for many years.

These include a ban on conducting “A-76” competitions in which in-house costs are compared with contractor bids for potentially contracting-out work; a ban on “lifestyle” type training not directly related to official duties; general requirements for coverage under the FEHB program; restrictions and reporting requirements regarding conferences; and more.

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