Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB to agencies: We need to sign off on it first. Image: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock.com

OMB has reminded agencies—many of which now have new leaders unfamiliar with internal government processes, or soon will have such leaders—of what OMB calls the “legislative coordination and clearance process.”

Memo M-21-18 notes that agency legislative proposals, letters, and testimony discussing or involving legislation must be submitted for its review, adding that submission should be done “as far in advance of a needed clearance as feasible” because that process “requires sufficient time to review and coordinate with all relevant agencies” and the Executive Office of the President.


“Adherence to the long-standing requirements of the clearance process serves the needs of the President by ensuring that agency legislative proposals and recommendations, as well as testimony, are consistent with his policies and programs,” says the memo, which includes a summary of the process.

“We will be working with you to ensure the timely transmittal to Congress of legislative proposals necessary to support the President’s legislative agenda and the fiscal year 2022 budget . . . Among other things, this includes the review and approval of agency budget requests; related testimony and materials responding to legislative reporting requirements and inquiries; and press releases relating to the president’s budget,” it adds.

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