OMB has issued a memo containing what it terms the first cross-agency monitoring and evaluation guidelines for agencies that administer foreign assistance, including requirements for agency policies on monitoring and evaluation of that assistance.

“OMB has ensured that the guidelines are robust, comprehensive, and coordinated with federal departments and agencies. The guidelines reflect current thinking on monitoring and evaluation of U.S. foreign assistance and may be updated at a future time,” says OMB memo M-18-04.

The policy covers assistance under the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 as well as under OMB Bulletin 12-01, Guidance on Collection of U.S. Foreign Assistance Data.

OMB added that it will require agencies to report annually through the budget submission process on implementation of monitoring and evaluation policies and practices related to the guidelines.

Topics addressed in the guidance include requirements for annual monitoring and evaluation objectives and timetables; data collection; evaluations of pilot programs before they are extended; development of a clearinghouse for the collection, dissemination and preservation of knowledge and lessons learned; public reporting standards; and more.