Federal Manager's Daily Report

Federal agencies “were clear and unanimous” in their desire to have the Biden administration reinstate requirements for performance goal-setting and reporting that had been eliminated late in the Trump administration, OMB has said.

OMB last week reversed a memo it issued early this year which in essence had removed those requirements from Circular A-11, the general budget preparation guidance, on grounds that the information was little-used.


A posting on performance.gov says the requirements compel agencies to focus on implementation of performance goals through regular review of progress and public reporting, and drive greater use of performance information in decision-making.

The new guidance told agencies to conduct a new round of goal-setting to align their strategic goals with the administration’s priorities in areas including health, welfare, economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, advancing equity and addressing climate change.

That “encourages agencies to focus on the significant challenges the country faces, from continuing to meet the health, welfare, and economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to advancing equity and addressing climate change. This year, we are encouraging agencies to work across organizational boundaries in setting goals that better align to the outcome and the person we are serving, rather than how programs are structured,” it says.

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