Federal Manager's Daily Report

Jaimie Johnson, left, and Cryll Hergenrider help clean out a friend's home damaged by the severe flooding in Fromberg, Mont Image: David Goldman/AP/Shutterstock

OPM authorized an emergency leave transfer program related to the recent severe storms and flooding in Montana.

In those programs, employees may donate unused annual leave for transfer to employees of the same or other agencies who are affected by a major disaster or emergency, either directly or through adversely affected family members, and who need additional time off from work without having to use their own paid leave.


As is standard with such announcements, OPM left it up to agencies to operate the program, including informing employees of its availability; determining which employees qualify for leave and how much they are eligible for; the period during which leave may be accepted for distribution; and the actual distribution of leave.

Employees seeking to become emergency leave recipients must apply in writing to their agencies personally or through a personal representative; employees who wish to donate leave must contact their agencies to determine how to do so.

“Agencies should contact OPM for assistance in receiving additional donated annual leave from other agencies only if several internal solicitations for leave donations do not result in sufficient amounts of donated annual leave to meet the needs of emergency leave recipients within the agency. Based on the demand for donated leave, OPM will solicit and coordinate the transfer of donated annual leave among federal agencies,” it says.

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