Federal Manager's Daily Report

D.C. Government employees and retirees employed before

October 1, 1987, federal deferred annuitants who separate


with title to a deferred annuity (even if they aren’t yet

receiving that annuity), and, Retired “grey” reservists,

even if they are not receiving their retired pay yet, are

eligible for Federal Long Term Care Insurance under the

National Defense Authorization Act for 2004, the Office of

Personnel Management has announced.

These groups may apply for Federal Long Term Care Insurance,

which is the only long term care program provided by the

OPM, even though open season has ended.

To learn more and apply, call 1-800-LTC-FEDS

(1-800-582-3337), from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST,

or go online.